Havana Syndrome in Europe

International Demonstration for Targeted Individuals

Over the past few years, numerous attacks on U.S. government employees have become known, which caused an international sensation under the name Havana Syndrome. Weapons that fall under the category of Directed Energy Weapons were used. Investigations by the U.S. government ensued and some diplomats were compensated.

However, what is not addressed by politicians and the media is the fact that civilians have also been affected for decades. Also in Europe. These people are called Targeted Individuals. There are thousands of them all over the world. The effects that can be achieved with this type of weapon are very far-reaching. Pain and burns can be caused as well as heart attacks or severe internal injuries. Therefore, the use of Directed Energy Weapons clearly violates all conventions against torture.

We would like to draw attention to these inhumane human rights crimes with our protest. That is why we are demonstrating on June 10, 2023 at the Place du Luxembourg in Brussels and call on all victims of this torture to support us and come.

Our protest is directed against all countries that develop technologies that can manipulate the human nervous system. Secret projects are conducting research on advanced neurotechnology to be used by military and intelligence agencies. This clandestine research is being conducted on civilians without their consent. Through directed-energy weapons, thousands of people worldwide are assaulted and tortured every day. These inhumane practices must be stopped immediately.

Since neurotechnology is also to be used by NATO, we take our protest directly to their doorstep. We demand:

• Immediate stop of all secret and illegal human experiments with neurotechnology and other energy-based weapons

• Complete clarification of all crimes committed by these weapons

• Rehabilitation and compensation of the victims

Why does NATO not respect the defense of human rights proposed by the UN?

We also call on the European Union to support the clarification of cases of torture with directed energy weapons that occur on European soil.

Our demonstration is also directed against world wide expansion of 5G technology, because electromagnetic energy can produce illnesses in humans and animals and 5G technology especially due to its omnipresence could be used for total control of humanity

Therefore, we demand:

– Immediate moratorium until a technology assessment is presented and discussed.

– Abolition of the current mobile phone limits and redefinition by an independent commission

– Reappointment of the radiation protection commissions with industry-independent scientists and representatives of the environmental associations

When? 10.06.2023

Where? Place du Luxembourg, Brussels

Start: 12 noon

If you want to support this demonstration you can send us some money on Gofundme. Every donation counts and even small amounts are welcome. Without your help we can’t do this project. We are looking forward to your support and to spending a successful protest day in Brussels together with you.


This demonstration is supported by:

– Schutzschild e. V. (Germany)

– Citizen’s Association for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Radiofrequency Radiation (Czech Republic)

– ICATOR (Belgium)

– STOPEG (Netherlands)

– Föreningen för hjärnans integritet i Sverige (Sweden)


– London End Stalking LES (Great Britain)

– Stop (Z)organized Electronic Tortures (STOPZET) Poland

– Organization of Victims of Psychotronic (Mind Control) Weapons (Canada)

– Targeted Survivors UK (Great Britain)